How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger in Six Easy Steps

4 June 2021

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger in Six Easy Steps (1)

Many studies over the years have repeatedly proven that men, women and children with bigger eyes are attractive. To add to this, men reciprocate to women with big eyes due to the higher levels of attractiveness. This proves why we are asked to make eye contact while we speak. It shows confidence while you speak, and if you are the listener, it shows that you are listening. Don’t we all find stuffed toys cute? Have you ever wondered why? Well, it is because their manufacturers give them charming big eyes. Since eyes play such an important role, it is your job to make them appear wider, awake and big all the times. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with gorgeous looking eyes. But, we know a few tips and tricks as to how you can enhance what you already have. Stick with us to know more.

Some of you must have guessed eyebrow grooming, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. You all are on the right path. But, the easiest way to enhance your eyes and entire appearance is eyelash extensions.

Let’s shed light on the above-mentioned tips to change the appearance of your eyes and make them look bigger.


There used to be a time when everyone and their mama’s were flaunting thinks and sharply done eyebrows. Gone are those days. Thin eyebrows do not make your eyes appear big. Next time you visit your professional makes it a point to tell them that you desire thicker-looking brows. Alignment of the brows is very essential as well. You may not get them looking like twins, but they should look like sisters. How to achieve similar looking brow shapes? Use a pencil to mark the starting part of the brows. This is generally in the line above the outer edge of the nostril. The next step to finding your natural arch. Hold the pencil in the centre of the eye and diagonally bend it outwards. That is your natural arch. The eyebrows should end slightly below the outer edge of the eyes. This frames the face very well. Now you can draw a line and a pair of tweezers or wax the extra hair. In this way, you have managed to keep the natural shape and clean the excess hair. This will automatically enhance your eye region by making them appear bigger.


You may underestimate this particular product. But, believe it or not, it is a lifesaver. All those nights that you have not slept well, concealer will come to your rescue. They cover up all the darkness around the eyes saving you from looking like a raccoon. ‘How do I find the right concealer shade’ is a commonly asked question. If your concern area is dark and grey go for an orange or peachy corrector followed by a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. If your are under eyes are not as dark you can get away with one single shade of concealer. Brighter under eyes make you appear awake and fresh giving your eyes a bigger appearance.


Don’t go all out with the eyeliner. Anything which has too much black will make it appear smaller or slimmer. There are two ways you can use eyeliner. You can either apply the pigment on the upper eyelid starting from the inner corner to the outer. Which color pigment you choose is your call. We recommend using nudes or whites on the bottom lash line to make your eyes appear open. It’s a big no-no to apply black color all around the eyes. This will do the opposite of what you want the eyeliner to do.

Eye shadow

Avoid black smoky eye if you aim to achieve bigger looking eyes. Use subtle shades sparingly. Do not miss out on applying glitter to the inner corner of the eyes. This will open them up further.


If asked, most makeup lovers will choose mascara as their favorite, go to and can’t do without makeup product. One curl using a curler and 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara and change your look. However, this cannot always work in your favor. If you use waterproof mascara it tends to rip off your natural lashes while removing makeup due to excessive tugging and pulling. If you don’t use waterproof mascara, the chances of it smudging are very high. Don’t get us wrong, mascara does the job of making your eyes look bigger, but it comes at its costs. So now you ask what is better than mascara to open up the eyes. The ultimate answer is eyelash extensions.

Lash extensions

The best and easiest way to enhance your look is to get lash extensions. These techniques not only make you look glamorous at all times, but it also accentuates your most important feature, the eyes and brings them forward by making them look bigger. The best part about extensions is that you barely need makeup. In the mornings when you are running late, your eyelash extensions will save your day as you will wake up looking put together.

They are custom made based on what you desire and what will suit you. You will be amazed to see what a massive difference they make by looking at your before and after pictures. Do not say we didn’t warn you that eyelash extensions are extremely addictive. Once you have them on, there is no looking back. They are a great alternative to falsies as are semi-permanent and need a refill after every 3-4 weeks depending on your aftercare routine. Based on your choice there are different styles, lengths and volume to choose from.


There are different ways to make your eyes look wider and bigger. We have broken it all down for you to decide what suits your lifestyle best. It is self-explanatory that we are partial towards eyelash extensions. This is because of the ease of the process and the ability it creates to save you both time and money.

So hurry and type “eyelash extension near me’ to book your appointment and we promise a flawless set of eyelash extensions will make you and feel conquerable. Just one visit in a month at Wisp Lashes and you are sorted.

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