Super Tips to Style Eyelash Extensions Perfectly

11 March 2021


One of the fastest-growing trends in the beauty industry has been eyelash extensions. It has proven to be a great alternative to applying mascara every day. Since the trend has been buzzing for a while, there are several places in the market offering these services at competitive prices. But, when it comes to getting a classic eyelash extension, it is important to visit an expert who can identify a style that will accentuate your natural eye shape and lashes. After all, the purpose of the beauty industry is to highlight the already existing beauty.

To gain tips to style eyelash extensions, let us first learn the different types of eyes.

Almond eye –

This set of eyes as the name suggest has a perfect almond shape. Technically explained, in almond-shaped eyes the eyelid crease is visible. The eye shape form here is upturned and broader. It is considered the most beautiful and desirable eye shapes amongst all others. Individuals with this style are known to pull off eyelash extensions of any volume with ease.

Wide eye –

Wide eyes are eyes that are set father from each other. This can be explained in the following way: If there is more than one eye gap between the eyes, the individual has wide-set eyes. The best eyelash style to emphasis these eyes are to pay attention to the inner corner. This will give an illusion of closer looking eyes. If you have wide-set eyes and are looking for a cat-eye look, I suggest you drop the idea as it will draw more attention to the outer corner making them look farther apart.

Close-set eye –

This is the exact opposite of the above. In this, there is more room to play around with a cat-eye look. The eyes being set farther apart give room to place emphasis on the outer corner of the eyes. Hence, this set of eye classic eyelash extension is your way to go.

Downturned eye –

Downturned eyes as the name implies are droopy eyes. Applying eyelash extension to this eye shape can be a challenging task. Hence, the only way to perfect eyelash extensions for this eye shape to go to an expert who can customise it for you. If the wrong sets of eyelashes are incorporated it can further drag the eyes and the whole face. The best bet here is to give firmer curls at the other end to uplift the eyes.

Small and hooded eyes –

These eye shapes are small and may seem smaller if the lashes are too heavy. To accentuate the natural eye shape, a strong curl and emphasis on the midsection are essential.

Now that we have looked at the different types of eye shapes. Let us jump onto the different types of eyelash extensions.

Mink eyelash extension –

Mink lashes are the most preferred option for most people as a form of classic eyelash extension. The reason being it is more natural and hence can be worn on different occasions. It is perfect for corporate events as it does not grab attention. It is known to beautify what is naturally there. Since they are very lightweight and natural-looking, some people wish to add additional lashes to intensify the look.

Silk eyelash extension –

Even though they are called silk eyelash extensions, they are made out of synthetic material lashes. This category of lash extensions is the perfect mix of mink lashes and synthetic lashes. They are neither too lightweight, not too dramatic. The best part of these lashes is that they are low maintenance and do not need extra precaution while showering, in the pool and while performing outdoor sports. The selling point for synthetic eyelash extension is that one does not need to curl the lashes every day, unlike mink lashes.

Synthetic eyelash extension –

When you hear synthetic lashes, forget about the word ‘natural’. These are the most heavy-duty, dramatic and diva style of lashes. These are the preferred choice for people who have upcoming events and occasions. Although this style completely changes the eyelash game, it can be intimidating and heavy for a few people. If getting a synthetic eyelash is on your mind, make sure you visit a lash extension expert to get high-quality results.

How do you decide what style looks best on your face?

You may have envisioned a particular look that you want to try but it is always better to consult with your lash artist before you decide which lash style will look best on your face. A professional lash artist will follow a few vital steps to understand which lash style will be perfect for the client before they proceed with the lash application procedure.

Take a good look at the customer’s eye shape –

This is important as it decides what will be the best-suited lashes for the customer’s eye shape.

If the client has upward eyes, the best-suited style is cat-eye or kitty eye where the lashes go upward towards the end. If the customer has almond eyes, all eyelash extensions are suitable. They can either go with lashes that are fuller in the middle section or cat-eye. If the eyes go downwards, then the emphasis is placed on the middle part to make the eyes appear more open. It is a great option to follow natural eyelash growth. This can accentuate the client’s eye shape like no other. Lastly, if the customer knows what she wants, by all means just follow.

Keep your client’s lashes healthy –

The priority of any lash extension expert should be to maintain the client’s eyelashes as healthy as possible. This is only possible when the right suggestions and recommendations are given. If the customer naturally has long, thick lashes, their lashes can easily carry long, thick eyelash extensions. But, if the natural lash is thin and small, they cannot be overloaded with a dramatic style. This will only put extra weight on the eyes and make them look droopy. Hence, classic eyelash extensions need to be customised as per individual eye shapes.

Ask the client the right set of questions to understand the client’s lifestyle –

Asking the right questions to the customer will only give satisfactory results. Before the style is decided, it is important to know what the client is looking for. Do they have an occasion to attend? Is the lash extension for business reasons? What is the client’s profession? Etc. This will assist the expert to offer the best style. The last thing any professional would want to give their client is something they want to remove as soon as possible.

Don’t be afraid to be creative –

This is where you show you are a professional. Use different lengths, styles, and thickness to customise the look. If the customer wants a fuller look, go for something with more volume. Anything with .07, .05, and 0.10 is recommended for volume. This is when multiple lash extension can be added per natural lash. The classic lash extension is when one by one extension per natural lash.

Conclusion –

In this read, we have learnt several pro tips that a good lash artist will follow to get the best lash extension results. So are you all set to make an appointment to look gorgeous without any effort? Call Wisp Lashes in Knoxville today to get the best-customised eyelash extension results.

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