A Technique You’ll Need During A Relash Or Eyelash Extension Refill

23 February 2021


Every time a client arrives for a re-lash, a full assessment of the previous application should be conducted and an application plan should be discussed with the client. This ensures that both Lash Stylist and Client have the opportunity to make any design adjustments, go over aftercare procedures, and identify lash extensions or residual adhesive that needs to be removed prior to the re-lash.

If lash extensions that have grown out are not removed and replaced, a less than the ideal lash line would be formed. Let's explore the Peel Removal Strategy today and how to use it.

Peel removal procedure before applying new lashes

The Peel Removal Technique is a simple and convenient way to remove selected extensions of eyelashes that have spread beyond the positioning position of 1-2mm. Here’s how it goes:

Before continuing, try and check the actual eyelashes of the customer (before the cleaning procedure) to decide whether there is any lingering glue on the real lash that needs to be replaced. If a lash extension disconnects from the normal lash and breaks off alone and by itself, you can usually see this.

Never take chances when it comes to re-lashes by adding a new lash extension on top of an older, outgrown lash extension. Doing so would allow the foundation of the current lash extension to be improperly positioned and gaps between the two lash extensions to form. It could also result in a bond that is not secure for long term adhesion.

Re-lash on a smooth surface for better results

Often add a new lash extension to clean and sleek, natural lashes. For the customer, an application carried out on a clean surface often feels weightless.

How to use this peel removal technique?

  • Discuss any customer-requested design modifications or updates.
  • Suggest template variations depending on the lifestyle of the customer that may encourage longer lash extensions.
  • Thoroughly scrub the lashes and eyes so that the lash extensions can be easily seen at their 1 mm location and loose bases if any.
  • Peel lash extensions that have spread from the natural lash past the 2mm position. Those are the ones you'll swap for.
  • Peel off any existing, leftover glue on the natural lashes that are evident.
  • Keep the lashes tidy, prime, and dry.
  • Relash and document improvements that have been made.

Voila! The process is done!


It is extremely important to be careful about your eyelash extensions due to numerous reasons. Your eyes immediately catch the attention of people. And if you are investing in eyelashes, you definitely want to look better. But if you are not careful about these little things, you might end up making yourself look worse.

Instead, pay attention to details like these and ensure that evergreen prettiness for your face. Book your appointment for lash extension services, and get surprising results. Wisp lashes is one trusted place for lash extensions at Knoxville, and we swear by our quality of products and services!

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